About us

Our History

Three Generations of Success

At the tender age of 12, Anton Camilleri had already started working in his father’s quarry. Following in his father’s footsteps, Anton learnt first-hand what it was to work hard, make sacrifices and never be afraid to explore
opportunities when they presented themselves.

Anton’s father initially worked as an engineer in the British Navy, but always dreamt of starting his own business. It was this ambition that set him and then his son on a path of discovery. By the time Anton was 16, when his father
sadly passed away, Anton was already successfully running the family quarry and was eagerly setting his eyes on investing in his first plot of land in Birkirkara. A dream he achieved and successfully built into a block of apartments for sale. His first property project was a resounding success.

This keen eye for opportunity followed Anton through-out his career. As Anton himself says: ‘If you look ahead and think ahead, you can find opportunities to invest in today that will provide a return in years to come. You have to
stay one step ahead to be successful.’

Anton’s children soon joined forces with him, bringing fresh ideas and new energy into the offering.

Following the expansion of his company into various off shoot brands over the years, Anton and his children decided it was time to consolidate 7 years ago, creating the AC Group of Companies as it is known today.

Still providing quarrying services and with an equally successful property division, AC Group offers Malta’s property and construction industry something hard to find – innovation at every step of the process and careful attention to detail.

Their hard-working attitude and entrepreneurial family spirit make AC Group a formidable company in the industry.

A brand you can turn to when you want the best kind of service at every level.

Our Culture

Building Trust

We leave no stone unturned in our hunt for the best materials, machinery, processes and people to deliver the projects we work on successfully.

Going the extra mile by digging deep into design and planning stages of all our development projects, produces results which always speak for themselves.

But what keeps our clients coming back year on year, is through earning their trust – with AC Group you can have tomorrow’s concepts delivered today, at reasonable prices and with exceptional customer care.

From cutting edge quarrying machinery to environmentally friendly and best-in-class building insulation techniques, AC Group and its complement of 50 full time staff will deliver the quality clients crave in every project, both small
and large.