Chainsaw Machinery

World-Advanced Machinery – High Performance Every Time

Sensitive and complex construction and excavation sites demand quality machinery that can deliver unequalled precision.

We were the first in the country to offer state of the art chainsaw machinery that can cut through rock vertically, perfect for perimeter definition on any site. With minimal dust creation, this unique machine creates no vibrations
on the surrounding rock which is ideal when construction is taking place in heavily populated areas.

The accuracy offered by these large chainsaw machines is second to none. Able to cut through any kind of stone, including marble, the machines are somewhat delicate to operate which is why we always recommend our clients
not only rent the machine, but also hire a specially trained staff member who can ensure it is used correctly and efficiently.

Instead of general digging, one of our machines is also capable of cutting through the rock bed to create specifically sized blocks of rock, which could then be re-used on site in the foundations or as an interesting design feature.

These machines are ideal when construction companies are working on historical building sites, when the vibrations caused by standard diggers could be disastrous.

The chainsaw cuts in a straight line. If construction is taking place next to a road or directly adjacent to an existing building, this machine is the perfect solution – saving time and helping to ensure that what would otherwise be
broken haphazardly doesn’t then need to be reinforced again.

Recommended by architects and engineers, these machines are a trusted solution that no quality and budget conscious developer can afford to overlook.

  • Vertical precision
  • Cuts all types of rock/marble
  • Cut rocks to the shape/size you need
  • No vibrations
  • Minimal dust creation